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History and Culture – Welcome to Cretevc

Discover the great moments of Crete’s history. Crete has a unique and varied heritage which is as evident today as it was many thousands of years ago.

Although the Crete’s Coast has a great deal to offer in terms of attractions and things to do, it is the area´s beaches that are considered to be one of its most popular attractions.

Excavations of 2008-2009 under T.F. Strasser (Providence College, R.I., USA) in Plakias, southern Crete, brought to light 130,000-year-old hand tools. The Minoan civilization is the oldest in Europe.Visit one of Europe’s best preserved palace, the King Minos Palace, to find out how the Kings lived, there’s also the opportunity to find out what life was like for fishermen and crofters or follow in the footsteps of Roman, Byzantine and Arab conquerors at Aptera Castle in the west of the Island. Ancient Aptera was one of the most significant and powerful city-states of Western Crete. A visit to Rethymno will give you a taste for life in a typical Medieval community. A trip to Profitis Ilias Hill, one of the Island’s most distinctive landmarks, will provide insight into the Island’s strong identity. As a signal of the Crete’s independence, the monument of Liberty and the Spyros Kayales. Explore the residence of the 7 times Prime minister Eleftherios Venizelos, a charismatic statesman of the historical residence of Chalepa. Spinalonga is one of the most precious archaeological monuments of Crete with very difficult, sad and tragic history that you will surely visit. You'll find amazing historic sites - as well as beautiful colonial-era buildings - dotted throughout the Island. A walk around any Crete city, town or village today shows what a culturally diverse and fascinating Island we have become.