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Press Realize – Welcome to Cretevc

Travel to magical Crete with Cretecare Travel Group, explore its beautiful beaches and amazing architecture.

Cretecare is a new online booking platform that allows local guides from anywhere in the Crete to promote and market their services globally.

Fast growing B2B/B2C Travel Company expands further by relocating its Heraklion Headquarters to accommodate for expanding departments.
Now everyone can travel the Crete together with like-minded travelers for cheaper prices. Cretecare, preferred platform for dynamic pricing for Airbnb & vacation rentals, today launched a free downloadable tool, BookingAnalyzer, that property owners can use to understand their booking trends & identify insights to improve their revenue.
Cretewalk is a mobile app that helps travelers to Crete customizes their trips through real-time, live advice. The company has boosted the apps functionality to include advice and reviews from travel experts.
Cretecare offers local travelers exclusive land and cruise vacation packages through national affiliate. We desires to create unforgettable vacations tailored to your needs.