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Other Crete Islands – Welcome to Cretevc

Explore amazing landscapes and the fascinating wildlife in Crete
that you've probably never heard of

Not counting the Crete Island, our largest island is Gavdos - known to most as the Island of Kalypso, has been identified as a possible site of the mythical Ogygia where Kalypso held Odysseus prisoner. This southernmost paradise is home to naturists. It’s a place for hiking, caving, bird watching and star gazing.

Gavdos has the kind of rugged, untouched beauty that appeals to adventurers. Other islands devoted to the protection of wildlife include are protected under Natura 2000 program. The Dia Island in the Heraklion regional unit and the Gramvousa island complex, northwest of Kissamos region. The island of Imeri Gramvousa located opposite the imposing Cape of Gramvousa, in Chania regional unit and 2 miles northwest of the famous lagoon of Balos. From Elounda or Plaka, you can catch ferries to populated island such as Spinalonga.

The Island is also known as the Leper Island, as that is where lepers from Crete and the rest of Greece were quarantined until 1957. Further in Lasithi regional unit you can discover the Bay of Islands, a large area of offshore islands between Cape Sideros and the Chersonissos Peninsula next to picturesque Cretan town, Chersonissos or Hersonissos. Worth visiting recommended are also Koufonissi island near Cape Goudoura as and the Chrisi island, one of the most popular destinations in Crete. Hire a kayak, charter a boat or catch a cruise to enjoy this spectacular maritime playground.