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Battlefields Route – Welcome to Cretevc

Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Battle of Crete, Battlefields Route

Heavy the Cretans blood tax for freedom. Take time to explore the Crete bloody battlefield towns and villages and discover a wide range of things to see and do during your stay. The Battle of Crete is the first airborne invasion in history. Put the read more here Bloody battlefields, Fortifications, Shelters, Adventure, Wildlife, Game Parks, Birdlife, Museums and monuments are some of what you see and to do in, Crete battlefields! Connect the dots, discover the drama of the first airborne invasion in history. Whatever you’re looking for – whether it’s a journey back in time to discover the history and heritage of the Island, Chania regional unit, is a great place to begin your trip

Agia Marina, Agia Roumeli, Ag.Ioannis, Alikambos, Alikianos, Amygdalokefali, Anopoli, Anoskeli, Armeni, Asi Gonia, Askyfou, Vamos, Varypetro, Vatolakos, Chania, Chora Sfakion, Chorafakia, Chosti, Vafes,Vlatos, Vothiana, Vouves, Boukolies, Voulgaro, Voutas, Vrysses in Apokoronas, Vrysses in Kydonia, Gavalomouri, Gavalohori, Galatas, Gerani, Glossa, Gramvousa, Gero-Lakkos, Daratsos, Deliana, Drakona Kissamos, Drakona Kydonia, Dramia, Elos, Emprosneros, Epanochori, Episkopi, Zymvragou, Thimia, Imbros, Kaina, Kakodiki, Kakopetro, Kalami , Kalamitsi in Apokoronas, Kamara Koumouli Kamara, Kampani,

Kampanou, Kampi in Kydonia, Kampi in Kissamos, Kandanos, Karres in Kydonia, Karres in Kissamos, Kastellos, Katochori, Kefalas, Kefali, Kokkino chorio, Kolymbari, Komitades, Kondomari, Kontopoula, Koukounara, Kouneni, Kounoupidiana, Kournas, Lakki, Litsarda, Loussakies, Mass, Malathyros, Malaxa, Meldoni, Meskla, Modi, Mousoura, Moulete, Mouri, Mournies, Babali, Nea Roumata, Neo Chorio, Nippos, Noxia, Derres, Orthouni, Palia Roumata, Paleochora, Patsianos, Pemonia, Panethimos, Perivolia in Kydonia, Perivolakia in Kissamos, Plaka in Apokoronas, Plaka in Kissamos, Platanias, Platyvola, Plemeniana, Prasses, Polemarhi, Polyrinia, Pillow, Psathogiannos, Ramni,

Rodovani, Rodopou, Rokka, Sarakina, Sassalos, Skaloti, Skafi, Skidia, Sklavopoula, Sougia, Spilia, Stalos, Sternes, Strovles, Syrili, Syrikari, Sfakopigadi, Tavronitis, Temenia, Topolia, Tsikalaria, Faleliana, Fournes, Fotakado. In Rethymno regional unit, visit one of Europe’s best preserved Renaissance cities

Rethymno, Agios Mamas, Adele, arolithi, Limonas, Aliakes in Mylopotamo, Alones, Anogia, upper part, star, brushes, Damavolou, Zoniana, Kalyvos, Kamariotis, Krya Vrysi, Lahriotis, Loutra, Melampes, Meronas, Orthe, Pagalochori, Perivolia, Pigi, Platanos, Prasse, Prines, Rodakino, Sahturi, Sisarha, Smiles, Spili, Sellia, Honos. A trip to Heraklion regional unit, one of the Island’s most distinctive landmarks, will provide insight into the Island’s strong identity.

Heraklion city, Mires, Plora position in Gortyna, Location "Xeropotamos"in Heraklion city, Agios Vassilios in Viannos, Amiras Viannou (Ano Viannos , Vachos Viannou, Kalami in Viannos, Kato Viannos, Kefalovrysi in Viannos, Krevatas in Viannos, Kato Simi in Viannos, Pefkos Viannou, Sykologos Viannou, Chondros Viannou, Skourvoula, Magarikari, Magarikari, Petrokefalo, Viannos, Gergeri, Sarhos, Socaras, Ligortynas, Marathos, Kamariotis, Damasta, Krousonas.

Try stepping back in time at the Lasithi regional unit, in the east of the Island.

Sisarcha, Smiles, Spili, Chonos, K. Palaiokastron, Paleokaston, Tzermiado Plateau, Mesa Lasithi, Avrakonte, Pshychro, Kaminaki, Magoula.

"It's an opportunity for you to try to understand how our fathers and grandfathers were shaped by what happened on Crete and how they became the people they were."

Chania, A World War II museum
A pilgrimage through the battlefields

Chania regional unit is a traveler’s dream and with the seemingly perpetual summer of
our subtropical climate, it is not surprising that we are famous for our outdoor activities, beaches, natural environment,
sporting events and the variety of adventure activities.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Battle of Crete, Battlefields Route
An unexpected number of bomb craters, bunkers, trenches and field fortifications from World War II
remain hidden in the martyric land of Western Crete! Explore it

World War II monuments in Rethymnon, regional unit. When the sand of Missiria was red ...

Battlefields by 4x4 offers owners of standard four wheel drive
vehicles guided tours that are designed to enable small groups to visit battlefields, iconic cemeteries and memorials,
and access some of the Crete’s battlefields of the Second World War.

Names like Ideon Andron. Τhe cave where Zeus grew up. The Nida plateau.
Fantastic scenery, unique, wild and barren, found traveling from Anogia to the cave and many others leap out of the pages of history to excite the imagination!
The Battlefields Region of Retymno has much to offer the Battlefield enthusiast.

Authentic Battlefields Route Experiences in Heraklion regional unit

Now the guns are silent, no more the roar of cannons, the crash of Messerschmitt Bf 109 - Operation "Hermes",
the main pursuer of the Luftwaffe and explore on the bottom of
Cretan two lost British ships, which Churchill had sent for the Battle of Crete! The hills and plains are quiet, broken only by the whistlescall of the herders…
All that is left to remind us of those turbulent years are the silent cemeteries,
the lonely monuments and the buzzy Museums.

The Heraklion also includes a large number of nature and game reserves.
In the Ida (Psiloritis) range and around Dikti range in Lassithi, there are a number of streams and dams.
There are numerous bird sanctuaries and bird watching areas in the regional unit of Heraklion. Dont miss out!

In Lasithi regional unit, during the Axis occupation of Greece in 1941–1944,
the peaks surrounding the plateau were used as hideouts by local resistance fighters.

Visit the places that the famous battle of Crete took part. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of
the Crete’s hospitality and feel the awe listening to the facts and personal family
experiences of the battle of Crete.