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About Us – Welcome to Cretevc

Who better to explore Crete with than an enthusiastic, knowledgeable local?

Let’s hang-out together. Save time & money: Create a trip & get offers from locals We are new, but 100% Pure Cretan fast-growing online loyalty reward Traveler Company and committed to our promise of “creating happy friends.” Through our website, www.CreteCare.com, our mobile applications and our other associated platforms, leisure and business travelers can explore, research, compare prices and book a wide range of services according to their expectations.

Our goal is to provide (tailor-made) or customized information trip packages to our partners which to aim them to learn from local people the island of Crete a lovely place to live with great humans, with love for fellowman - share our knowledge and so direct them to quality choices and experiences of their own. We will always strive to give our partners-guests the unique, exciting experience they deserve.

At CreteWalk.com we aim to bring you the best and most up to date information about Crete, Greece, its attractions, its culture and its people. Whether in Crete you are a first time visitor or an old hand, we hope you'll find something here to make your visit more interesting.

As well as information we provide links to a large variety of Crete business web pages. Some provide information, others enable you to find your accommodation and locate useful services here in Crete..

Our online services offers an eclectic range of activity-based tours by Cretans locals: choose from a glimpse of the local cuisine or from a working model like hand-made textile, an erotic art like the Cretan hand-made knifes featuring locals or even shopping for traditional leather shoes.

Experience the Crete authentically, as not seen in any travel guides and always according to your type travel. Let’s walk around Crete to learn about culture and mythology.

An easy access to our culture and heritage and interpretation can facilitate this and you’re your visit worthwhile, meaningful and memorable.

The locals are ready to tight your hand.

We have something common

Our basic common link is that we all inhabit in that planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children future. But our most important link is, we are all human. The single most important motivating factor that visitors to Crete mention is the Cretans people. The value of interaction with local people in contributing to visitors’ experience cannot be over-emphasized. The more that people and their stories are built into the experience at a heritage site. CreteWalk friends expect and enjoy opportunities to meet and interact with local Cretans people. Given recent social and demographic changes in Crete society, visitors find fewer and fewer opportunities to have this interaction.

The power of authenticity.

This is the greatest reward that CreteWalk.com can be offer to our friends. We know that heritage visitors want ‘authenticity’. Getting as close as possible to ‘the real thing’ is vital – whether that is seeing local women weave textiles at Anogia, in Rethymno or hearing the documented stories of heroes on the battle of Crete in Maleme village, in Platanias region. An authentic experience of history is not easy to define. The past is gone and can be hard to understand. Listen the stories of the generations who were here before us.It easiest to understand if you can hear from someone who was there.

A privileges world.

We aim to consistently offer unique travel and business experiences but yet we are much more than a travel guide.

CreteWalk isn’t television; it’s better. The best CreteWalk channel is a conversation between business owners and their audience, partners and clients.

No one needs a Smartphone full of gimmicky apps. We’ve rounded up a selection of the best tools for the digital-savvy traveler.

Humans need more and need it quick. Mobile is the changing the way, a consumer interacts with his / her favorite brands.

Our friends can now use their mobile phone to earn and burn points without using cash. Collect points anywhere and burn them any time by simply pointing your mobile phone to a bar code reader or by simply shaking your phone at the POS counter.

Finding the most affordable flight, hotel, homestays, buses, cruise, activities and much more while making sure you’ll have plenty of spending cash during your trip, can be a little tough. Be a V.I.P. Member of our CreteWalk world now!

Join our Loyalty Club today and enjoy our special offers. Check out our apps to be a master planner.

Thank you so much or better, See You Soon!